Jack Bean is for real. We want to make a real impact on our guests and our planet. You can keep us to these six promises. 

100% plant-based

A sustainable and healthy future for our planet can only be achieved if we drastically reduce our consumption of animal protein. Therefore, our menu is 100% plant-based. That means no meat, dairy or other animal protein. Pure plant fuel for your daily life.

Awesome taste

If we want you to eat more plants, they better be super tasty. At Jack Bean, we use our chef’s super powers to add maximum flavor. Did you say umami? We got you covered!


Locally sourced

The plant-based cuisine often relies on the use of many exotic fruits and vegetables, that are harvested thousands of kilometers away. We believe that's not your most sustainable way of working. We therefore challenge ourselves to develop our plant-based dishes with locally sourced products as much as we can. We work with reliable and passionate farmers that are all located within the Netherlands. 

Towards zero waste

As we all know by now, much of the edible food on our planet is wasted. That sucks. So we strive for a 100% waste-free food operation. We reuse scrap food in our recipes and compost what can’t be eaten anymore. This is a continuous effort, and we need your help too! Read more


Impact driven

We will keep looking for better ways to develop, cook and serve super delicious plant-based food to you. We will keep innovating in order to maximize our environmental and social impact. Do let us know where we can and should improve!


We want to earn your trust and hope that you keep coming back for more of our food. We believe that you will only do this if you can trust us to provide good quality food that benefits your tastebuds, health and your planet. So we play carte blanche with regard to our business. Ask us anything, we have nothing to hide. Well, except for that recipe of our umami burger sauce…

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