Jack Bean 2.0

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A little over 1,5 years after opening our first shop, we are proud to open 2 new Jack Bean locations. We recently opened up shop on the campus of the Erasmus University. Next week we'll close our Weena pilot restaurant for a relocation to a permanent hotspot on Kruisplein. And finally, we move into a brand new production kitchen in the Steurgebouw. Jack Bean is finally becoming a real restaurant chain, ready to increase our impact and to become the  most sustainable restaurant chain of Europe! We will reveal the current environmental impact of Jack Bean soon, stay tuned!

We are grateful that we have been able to test Jack Bean at Weena 702. We served thousands of people, gave the plant-based movement a boost and most of all, we learned a lot! But to be honest, we are really happy that we can now leave this phase behind :-) We are looking forward to move to more cosy, comfortable and inspiring locations: let me introduce Jack Bean 2.0!


Jack Bean 2.0
The basic values of Jack Bean remain unchanged. We will keep serving 100% plant-based, locally sourced food with low foodwaste and a no-junk promise. We serve nutritious food that's good for you and good for the planet! We have a year round fixed menu and add seasonal specials several times a year. Jack Bean 2.0 is mostly about improved service & a more inspiring restaurant setting.

Together with Dark&Stormy, Interieurmakers Rotterdam and the Schiedamse Onderhouds Combinatie we have designed and built (almost ready!) a new interior which is more inviting and communicates much better what we stand for. We have added more color, recycle and reuse materials where possible, and have designed a new kitchen line to increase our speed of service. Together with Eijsink we will add QR ordering to our stores, making it super easy to order food from your phone.


We hope to welcome you to one of our brand new shops! Any thoughts to share? Let me know!

Mathijs Huis in 't Veld
Co-founder Jack Bean



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