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Geschreven op 06-04-2020 Deel

Three weeks ago we received the message that we had to close our restaurants due to the Covid_19 pandemic. After the initial shock, we quickly started reinventing what we do. Our creativity started bursting and within a couple of days we launched the first local goodness box. The upcoming Easter box will be the 4th box already, and it is great to see how people are making their own creations at home with our meal starters!

Our friends of the Support Your Locals initiative in Rotterdam also quickly added our goods to their box, which has been a huge success!

And last week Rechtstreex decided to add our products to their assortment. You can order a large variety of our products, like our ultimate burgers, garden bean falafel patties, yellow curry and mexican chilly sauce.

And here we are, Jack Bean now suddenly has a line of frozen goods ready for you to enjoy at home! If you want to know more about these products, have suggestions for distribution channels or wish to order them? Please send an email to info@jackbean.nl! 

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