An emotional rollercoaster

Geschreven op 23-03-2020 Deel

We had a very cheerful post waiting for you to proudly announce that we have a beautiful new store on Kruisplein in Rotterdam. A Jack Bean 2.0 that we built together with Dark & Stormy, Interieurmakers Rotterdam and the Schiedamse Onderhouds Combinatie. A Jack Bean 2.0 that can finally prove that our food has a spectacular low CO2 and water footprint. And most importantly, a Jack Bean 2.0 where YOU can enjoy fantastic plant-based food in a comfortable and inspiring venue.

But covid-19 has thrown all our lives upside down and all restaurants in the Netherlands have closed their doors. While we all deal with the situation, you can thankfully still enjoy our food, delivered to your doorstep! We are happy that we can still serve you our food through, Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Every day of the week between 17-20 hrs. Enjoy and stay safe!

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