Reusable February

In this month, we will serve all our take-away and Thuisbezorgd orders in reusable packaging. So let's order some great food that's good for you and the planet!

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We all love ordering food, but don't you hate that huge waste pile that remains after enjoying your food? We do, and we want to change that together with our partner PackBack.

According to FSIN we ordered food for € 2.700.000.000 in 2020! This is a 37% increase compared to 2019. With this huge increase, we also significantly increase the waste pile. Our own guess is that all this delivery and take-away food amounts to AT LEAST 500 million pieces of single-use packaging. Can you imagine how big that pile is??


Jack Bean & Reusable February

Reusable February is an important experiment for Jack Bean to find out if we can create a healthy business case for reusable packaging. During this campagin, all our delivery orders on Thuisbezorgd will be served in a reusable packaging*. Our guests pay a deposit (statiegeld) for each meal, which will be paid back when the packaging is returned. We hope that people will massively order at Jack Bean and return the packaging. If this experiment is successfull, we believe we can make this a standard part of our service and inspire other restaurants to do them same. This can have a real big impact on the reduction of single-use packaging.


* We don't have a suitable solution yet for our fries, pastries, sauce and dressing cups. Until we find a good solution, we will serve those in compostable single-use packaging.


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