a waste-free restaurant

We have worked so hard to not suffer from hunger, that we've created an exorbitant abundance of food. Good for food security, not so great for our mentality towards food and food waste. 40% of all produced food is wasted, and that sucks. We can easily feed everyone on our planet if we cut back on our overconsumption and food waste. So let's try to fix that together!

At Jack Bean, we strive for a no-waste food operation. A serious challenge, but one we grab by the balls because it's important.


What we do:

  1. We work with local and seasonal products that are available in abundance. We cut, cook and preserve these at their freshest. Good for flavor, good for farmers, good for you!
  2. We re-use our scrap food as much as possible in other recipes. The pulp of our juices is used for our Ultimate Burger patty. The apple pulp of our juices is used in the Yellow Curry.  Re-use what's still good!
  3. What can no longer be used for consumption, will be composted. Leftovers become food for the soil. Food that you didn't finish in our restaurant will end up in our compost bin in the recycle station. We however think that our fingerlicking dishes will not result in many leftovers.
  4. For take-away food and drinks, we use compostable or recyclable packaging. This is not perfect yet. We will make an effort to collect waste streams separately to optimize recycling and composting. Ultimately, we want all of our packaging to be re-used, recycled or composted. 


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