Just launched: Jack Bean Hoodies & T-shirts!

Written on 06-12-2021 Share

Wear a better world

Attention all good-food-lovers! Get your super-limited Jack Bean merch! Do you want to inspire people and support your favorite plant-based fast cuisine brand while still looking fly? There is no better way than rocking this merch with a positive social, and a minimum environmental footprint. 

Organic Cotton + Ethically Traded + Carbon Neutral manufacturing = 100% Sustainable
= 100% EarthPositive®

Earth-positive? Yes. You are literally making the world a better place by wearing our t-shirts & hoodies!

Logo and design made by Rotterdam-based artist and illustrator Raoul Deleo.


Order your exclusive Jack Bean merch here!

P.S. find our webshop at Order Online and choose the location: 'Rotterdam: Jack Bean - Merchandise'

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