Jack Bean Plan-based Kids Menu

Written on 25-03-2022 Share


At Jack Bean we make healthy and sustainable food accessible to everyone. Therefore, introducing a 100% plant-based children's menu is an obvious next step for us. This menu, carefully composed by Pepijn, helps parents and children to enjoy real, good food outside the door!

Do you like going out for dinner with your kids, but are you done with the pizzas and fries? Do you also want to feed your children good food outside the house, without them sitting at the table with a crank over cooked vegetables? We've got you covered! On the menu you will of course find our beloved burger, made from beans, grains and vegetables. Not in the mood for a burger? Then opt for a falafel skewer or pasta with a rich tomato sauce. As a side dish you can choose from tomatoes, cucumber and apple. And to complete the children's menu, you also get a grow-your-own-beans kit  ????

The children's menu costs € 8.95 and is available from Friday 25 March! See you soon!

P.S. It is no coincidence that we are launching our children's menu a week after there was a lot of talk in the media about the rapid growth of fast food chains in the Netherlands. Our cabinet wants to slow down this growth in order to reduce overweight among children and young people. A complicated job, but one that we wholeheartedly applaud. We are not holier than the Pope and believe that everyone should still be able to enjoy their guilty pleasures. But in a way that contributes to a sustainable future. So 100% plant-based and prepared in our own kitchen with real ingredients from local farmers.

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