Good Food for Good People

Thank you for your help!

On 1 April (no joke! :-)) we started our donation campaign with 100 plant-based meals at Erasmus MC. We could never have thought that this would be the begin of such a super successful donation campaign!


More than 300 individuals and companies donated the staggering amount of € 11.690. With these funds, we were able to cook and serve 2.338 healthy meals for care workers in Erasmus MC, Maasstad Ziekenhuis, Ikazia ziekenhuis, and the corona centers of Laurens and Aafje. On our instagram page you can find the pictures of all the donations.


THANK YOU all for your donations and love for the hard working people in our hospitals and nursing homes. We move on to our next project: thousands of free soups to celebrate "Bevrijdingsdag" together. Check for more info!


Status donations

On 1st May we donate 300 meals for the entire staff of the operations rooms. We have 673 meals on the balance, which will be donated in the upcoming weeks.



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